Our Team

Simane Ibrahim

Program Assistant


Simane Ibrahim is the Program Assistant at Maine Access Immigrant Network (MAIN) and is a member of the Honor our Bodies, Educate our Community, Respect our Heritage (HER) Initiative implementation team.

Simane’s work in public health began in her home country of Djibouti while volunteering for the International Red Cross (IRC), providing preventative health and chronic disease management outreach and education in Somali, French, and Arabic throughout Djibouti’s rural communities including Ali Sabieh, Arta, and Obock. In this role, Simane worked closely with community leaders and her IRC team to help educate families on the health risks of FGM/C, while respecting the cultural heritage and strengths within each community reached.

As someone who has experienced circumcision, Simane understands that FGM/C, for centuries, was seen as a beautiful part of one’s heritage meant to be celebrated. Whether educating communities in Djibouti or in Maine, Simane maintains this cultural humility and understanding in her continued outreach and education efforts.