Our Team

Mohammed Hassan

Community Health Worker



Languages: Somali, English

My name is Mohammed Hassan. I am originally from Somalia. I have lived in the US for a year. Before moving to the US, I lived in Syria. I speak Somali, Arabic, English and limited Italian.

I practiced medicine in Somalia, Saudi Arabia and worked with UNCHR office in Damascus, Syria as a cultural broker between Somali refugees in Syria and UNCHR. My past career involved providing social and health services.

I grew up in a city where poverty, disease, and lack of social services were prevalent. My goal is to help others wherever and whenever I can.

MAIN means a great deal to me because it gives me the opportunity to remain connected to the underserved community using my educational background in health care. MAIN gives me the opportunity to serve individuals who lack the knowledge and ability to navigate the health care and social service systems in Maine and beyond.