Your Support Counts

The refugee, asylee and immigrant families we serve depend on support from our grant funders, individuals and corporations to continue our community building efforts. If you, your business, or your organization is interested in becoming a supporter of MAIN, please contact Mohamud Barre, Executive Director or the MAIN office.

Telephone: 207-552-1800


We also welcome donations by check or money order. Please mail contributions to:


237 Oxford Street, Suite 25A

Portland, Maine 04101

Why is MAIN's mission so important?

From Sana, a MAIN Community Health Worker (CHW)

As a CHW, I am able to be an interpreter as well as to be a cultural broker who advocates for the client. As an interpreter, I was once interpreting for a client at a doctor's office. She was pregnant and had diabetes. When the doctor asked her if she was testing her sugar levels she said “yes.” After the doctor left, she told me that she wasn't testing her sugar level and that she didn't believe she had diabetes. As an interpreter, I couldn't overstep my position and intervene in the situation, but as a CHW I could have mediated between her and the doctor so that the doctor was well informed and she could get the proper treatment and not jeopardize her health.

From Christian, a MAIN Community Health Worker (CHW)

I have helped a lot of people who have never had health insurance get enrolled in the marketplace. I worked with a client who was 65 years old and has a disability. He did not have health coverage and he was really struggling and distressed. I was able to connect him to the marketplace and helped him figure out the right health coverage. I was so proud that I was able to help him get coverage and find a specialist for his disability.

These are the kinds of services that we provide here at MAIN.