MAIN hosts monthly Healthy You workshops that are about chronic disease and preventative health education. We invite the community to take part in these educational workshops that are taught by qualified health professionals. The presentations are translated into French, Somali and Arabic by our Community Health Outreach Workers. The CHOWs ensure the workshops and one-sheets are culturally and linguistically appropriate. The one-sheets are being distributed state-wide. The five workshops to date have provided chronic disease education, with 40+ attendees in each session — the result of CHOWs actively engaging in their communities! These workshops educate the community on how to stay healthy and manage chronic conditions. Our workshops focus on controlling and preventing, Asthma, Lung Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure as well as healthy nutrition and how to use the Emergency Room.

Controlling AsthmaControlling Asthma                                Healthy NutritionHealthy Nutrition

Preventing & Controlling High Blood PressureControlling & Preventing Diabetes      Preventing & Controlling High Blood PressurePreventing High Blood Pressure

Preventing Lung Disease  Preventing Lung Disease                        How to Brush (French)  How to Brush (French)

PFH-Report-on-Maine-Perspectives-on-FGM_C-2017  PFH Report on Maine Perspectives on FGM_C 2017